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Andaz Hotel 5th Avenue | New York City

In September 2012, we embarked on our largest and most detailed installation to date, a piece for the Andaz Hotel on 5th Avenue in New York City. Totaling over 350 square feet and approximately 100 words, this collaboration with BBDONY took three full days to complete. This giant piece is located in the hotel’s rear stairway which is only used as an employee entrance. Talk about staff appreciation!

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Lee Stokes    |

“A selection of photographs of my studio where i work on freelance projects and practice the art of graphic design. This is my room of ideas and inspiration. where my dressing table becomes my desk and my wardrobe becomes my wall of ideas.”

My Name is Lee Stokes a London-based graphic designer, whose creative passions are typography, editorial design and branding. I like to have a hands on relationship with design and the materials I use as my work is very image based and handcrafted with an attention to detail. When a project is complete, photographed and printed the result remains tactile. I enjoy frequent trips to D.I.Y stores and paper stockists where I like to collect and experiment with unconventional materials for print and packaging projects, this stimulates and forms my design method.

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I am so proud to show this valentines day campaign for the Harrods website. I was commissioned specifically to work on scripts for different portions of their site.

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